Enjoy the Experience

THE GETAWAY GATEWAY Quality  & Hospitality Assured Collection & Network of caring friends, partners & agents are encouraged:
1. to SURPASS the discerning traveler’s expectation with a “touch of heaven” experience
2. to FILL all our beds, chairs, & seats with the guests we have enjoyed hosting
3.  to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for a better future for all
– by sharing with our youth & visitor the GG World H.O.P.E  (Heaven On Planet Earth) vision & strategy
– by imparting culture of hospitality & conservation which promote job creating opportunities
4.  to SPONSOR future leaders selected for their character and  capacity to attend
LIFE-LEADERSHIP-LIBERTY “think tank” coaching events
5. to BIRTH & SUSTAIN job creating projects until they are sustainable.

YOU ARE INVITED  to enjoy with us the wonderful experience of empowering  the YOUTH:
– with the “keys” with which they can  to be set free to fulfill their dreams to be happy, guilt-free, debt-free and stress-free.
– with the positive and constructive  energy to turn the world  of injustice, crime, corruption, poverty, abuse, diverse measures etc upside down  

Matthys & Lorraine de Kock 

About Matthys de Kock

We all have our expectations. All discerning travelers have an expectation for their holiday or business trip. Like-wise everyone involved in the hospitality industry have an expectancy to fill their seats, chairs and beds. There is nothing worse than a disappointed expectation. Getaway Gateway Quality & Hospitality Assured originated out of a desire to take hands with the Getaway Gateway Friends, Partners & Agents: 1) to surpass the traveller's expectancy and where possible give them a "Touch of Heaven" experience 2) to fill the beds, chairs & seats of our special Quality & Hospitality Assured network & collection of accommodation, function venues, coffee shops, restaurants, activities, tour guides, tours and holidays)


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