You will reap what you sow – Only do unto others as what you would like others to do unto you.

Getaway Gateway has a unique marketing strategy to ensure that both the discerning traveler and the network partner are happy and enjoy the Quality & Hospitality Assured experience and value for money that they have invested in memories, friends & the hospitality industry.

Getaway Gateway Marketing

HOW does Getaway Gateway Marketing help their clients fill their beds, chairs & seats?

1. Promote a culture of genuine hospitality and service excellence amongst their staff.

2. Point out the importance of the proven old fashioned word of mouth marketing.

3. Facilitate personal customer relationship networking & marketing.

4. Harness the latest interactive digital media and technology to compliment and reinforce the above.

5. Our marketing partners assist with website and brochure design and printing.

6. Represent our GG friends, agents & partners at local and international exhibitions & trade shows.

7. Marketing of accommodation partners to local Inbound tour operators.

8. CRM / Database driven marketing systems (including database e-mails).

9. Representation at i-Exchange Network & Visitors Centers (multimedia).

10. Guest vouchers & Network Referral System for Getaway Gateway friends, partners and agents available through the GG Call Center.

About Matthys de Kock

We all have our expectations. All discerning travelers have an expectation for their holiday or business trip. Like-wise everyone involved in the hospitality industry have an expectancy to fill their seats, chairs and beds. There is nothing worse than a disappointed expectation. Getaway Gateway Quality & Hospitality Assured originated out of a desire to take hands with the Getaway Gateway Friends, Partners & Agents: 1) to surpass the traveller's expectancy and where possible give them a "Touch of Heaven" experience 2) to fill the beds, chairs & seats of our special Quality & Hospitality Assured network & collection of accommodation, function venues, coffee shops, restaurants, activities, tour guides, tours and holidays)


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