Who We Are

The main aim & philosophy of the Getaway Gateway Directors is:
“to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you”


  • to enable the VISITORS to getaway from their stress and to use the Getaway Gateway Collection
    as their gateway of choice to experience a “touch of heaven on earth”
  • to network a COLLECTION  of Quality & Hospitality Assured businesses owned and managed
    by people who also Make a Difference in their communities by supporting various
    social & environmental responsibility programs, especially for the youth
  • to empower the HOSTS (management) and their STAFF to getaway from their stress by making
    use  of the LIFE- LIBERTY- LEADERSHIP “think tank” Consulting & Coaching options
    as their gateway to work smarter – not harder
  • to assist the INVESTORS to getaway from their stress and to use Getaway Gateway Consulting as their
    gateway to protect and maximize the potential of their capital investment and income stream